Install a default WordPress theme

There may be some instances where you need to install a default WordPress theme. For example, if you are using one of our child themes for the Twenty Seventeen theme, but you do not have this theme installed, you will need to install it.

Any child theme being used must have the parent theme installed for it to work, so we will use the Twenty Seventeen theme as an example.

Install Twenty Seventeen

This will be on the assumption that you do not have the Twenty Seventeen theme installed.

  1. Log into your site’s admin area (sometimes referred to as the Dashboard) and go to Appearance >> Themes
  2. There are two (2) methods to add a new theme:
    1. Click on the Add New button at the very top
      add theme button
    2. Click on the big Add New Theme box found in the page
      Add theme box
  3. Clicking on either method will bring you to the theme selection screen which shows a number of themes. If you do not see your theme there, type in the search field in the upper right: twenty seventeen
  4. You should then see your theme and then when you hover over the thumbnail, you can click on the “Install” button.
    Twenty Seventeen thumbnail
  5. If you instend to use a child theme of Twenty Seventeen, you do not need to activate Twenty Seventeen.


Install your theme

To install your WordPress theme, you have a few options which we will take you through the different options below. Whether you are installing a free theme, child theme, or a premium theme, the process will be the same.

Method 1 : Using the WordPress Theme Installer

This is the most common and easiest of methods.

  1. Log into this site and go to Members >> Purchase History >> View Details and Downloads
  2. Click on the linked theme name to download the theme’s zip file.
  3. Go to Appearance > Themes
  4. Click on the “Add New” button, then click on the “Upload Theme” button
  5. Upload the theme’s zip file that you previously downloaded
  6. Activate the theme (screenshot below)activate-twentyseventeen

Method 2 : Using FTP

If for some reason you are unable to install a theme with the WP theme installer, you can use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) method. You will need an FTP program to do this, such as the one I use, called WS_FTP Professional, or, you can use a free one called FileZilla.

  1. Log into this site and go to Members >> Purchase History >> View Details and Downloads
  2. Click on the linked theme name to download the theme’s zip file.
  3. Double click the zip file to extract it (sometimes referred to as unzipping a file). This will create a folder named after the theme and will contain all of your theme files in it. You will know by looking inside and finding the style.css file in it.
  4. Open and connect to your server via FTP
  5. Go the the WordPress root folder on your server where your WordPress files are located and then go to a sub-folder called “themes” which is located here: /wp-content/themes/
  6. Upload the theme folder that you extracted from the zip into the “themes” folder. You might see other theme folders there too, such as the twentyseventeen, twentysixteen, etc.
  7. Login to your WordPress admin, go the Appearance > Themes
  8. You should see all the uploaded themes. Click on the “Activate” buttonĀ to activate the theme (see screenshot below)

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